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portfolio management

Switching to a Computer-Based Portfolio Management System

Manually performing bookkeeping or accounting tasks can consume hours of your time that might be better spent closing more sales or locating new customers. If you are still using paper-based bookkeeping ledger or system, modernizing your business with computer-based portfolio management system could improve your business productivity. Migrating to a computer setup will take some planning and work.

  1. Gather bank statements, financial journals, invoices and other financial statements you use in your daily business operation. Manually reconcile your bank statement before transferring to a computer portfolio management system.
  2. But a computer portfolio management system that firs your budget and offers all of the features your business needs. Install it according to the manufacturer instructions.
  3. Launch the portfolio management system and enter basic information about your business like the company name, address and other contact information.
  4. Click “Banking” or “Banking Accounts” on the setup screen and enter business checking savings account information when prompted.
  5. Enter client of customer information on the portfolio management system. If they owe you business money, enter their balance in the “Amount Due” or “Balance Due” field.
  6. Enter name and address information for the suppliers or vendors of your company. If you owe them business money, enter their balance in the “Amount Due” or “Balance Due” field.
  7. Enter inventory products or services into the portfolio management system. Give each one a unique “Product ID” or “Inventory ID” number. Enter the amount you wish to charge customers for each product or service.
  8. Create invoices for new sales to customers by clicking the “New Invoice or “New Sales Receipt” option in the portfolio management system. Enter customer and product information and print it for the customer.
  9. Create purchase orders for inventory you buy from suppliers or vendors. When you create a purchase order and mark it as “Paid” or “Received,” the portfolio management system updates and adjusts your account registers.

Fund Management System to Monitor Your Assets

Asset management is a financial and business process that analyses the value of specific assets, helping determine financial health, investment opportunities and growth potential for various investments. The practice of using fund management systems is usually used in the technology and industrial sphere where stakeholders need professional and analysts to manage their investment portfolios and make the best economic investments. It is also known as the management of collection investments, and typically requires an in-depth financial analysis and creation of an investment growth plan. Fund management systems can monitor various types of equipment or software. It gives comprehensive information about your assets and will let you know if a system is malfunctioning.


This fund management system automatically scans your network and detects network devices like routers and servers. SysAid will then record detailed information about each device, including the serial number of IP address. A web-based fund management system, this will also keep track of the number of licenses you have purchased for a certain software in real time.


Skypatrol is a web-based fund management system that uses the Global Positioning System technology (GPS) to monitor your fleet. This allows you to remotely monitor your assets from any location. This system also detects motion, which will alert you when movement is detected.

Yukon Visual Asset Monitoring Software

This fund management system will constantly monitor the voltage in the substation, equipment used for regulating energy voltage. If the substation is not working correctly, the Yukon Visual Asset Monitoring Software automatically notifies you via text messages, email and pager.

Both individuals and companies can benefit from fund management systems, especially when they are in the possession of several stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate investments. Asset managers can help to set clear and specific financial goals, give a comprehensive assessment and conduct a risk analysis of various investment strategies, and deliver professional recommendation on which assets will give the highest returns for the investor.




investment portfolio management software

Tools Used in Investment Portfolio Management Software

When investing in the stock market, you might try to put all your money on a single business that you think will take off and raise the value of your stocks exponentially. However, the chances of being able to find a business that will experience such rapid growth and actually invest in it are very low. For this reason, to make money by trading stocks, you need to diversify and limit your risk by investing in a broad spectrum of companies. Investment portfolio management software facilitate such a diversification.

Specialized Software

To help you face the complex world of stock investment, many companies have developed investment portfolio management software tools specifically designed to help you investigate stocks and invest intelligently. They streamline the investment process and keep you up to speed on developments from the market in general and the specific companies you have invested in. Some popular investment portfolio management software tools include Personal Stock Monitor by DT Link, Stox by JoeSoft and Portfolio Manager by Rellik Software.

Accounting Software

Investors usually rely on general accounting software in making their investments, either exclusively or in addition to their more specialised investment portfolio management software. This type of software maps out all your personal finances, aiding you in calculating income, expenditures and taxes. Even when such investment portfolio management software do not specifically deal with stock investment, they may be used for that purpose. A few examples of such programs include Moneydance, Quickbooks and Quicken.

Stock Picking Software

Stock picking software has many characteristics similar to those that investment portfolio management software have, but it focuses more on automatically making projections and giving users suggestions on which stocks to invest in. These investment portfolio management software products may be effective, but they are not fallible, so user should proceed with caution. Examples of these programs include Stock Picker Pro, Stock Assault and Stock Picker RT by Investing Systems.

corporate actions management

Taking Action on Corporate Actions Management

Putting together information for corporate actions management is not easy. As financial firms start to rely on standardized, automated messages instead of taxes and emails to communicate corporate actions to investors; they are faced with a challenge on how to integrate information across a wide range of computing platforms. Below are three potential ways firms can use integration to improve corporate actions management.

Outsourcing. This is the last resort. This corporate actions management cure is pretty expensive and loaded with risk. The data given by the third party firm is likely to be more expensive than buying it direct. And if a trading operation or corporate actions management needs more information, especially from international markets, it should be bought from other sources. Outsourcing also does not relieve the need for firms to oversee data quality and processing to ensure performance and accuracy.

Apps. Apps for personal communications devices should be used for corporate actions management and engage retail investors. These apps are designed for smartphones, PCs and wireless tablets, so that agents can alert investors at the earliest state of the corporate event, and investors can advise them of decisions. It is important to be aware of the full integration of straight STP along with the processing path.

Software as a service. Smaller firms can use the same time of systems for corporate actions management as large top-tier banks, but not without the capital outplay. The use of cloud-based SaaS service bureau can give an inexpensive alternative. However, these can turn to cloud-based services for receiving market and reference data, as well as accessing technology and operational support, like data transmission and integration.

Message transformation. Message transformation and integration is an obvious component of any corporate actions management related to incoming electronic message, so integration issues in corporate actions processing should go beyond any single development project. It affects valuation and pricing instantaneously. It can also alter the composition of corporate actions management portfolios, mandating action to bring them into compliance.

The flow of corporate actions data should match business requirements and integration is how that happens. Standards can make communication easier among the players, but it is ultimately corporate actions management that puts the messages to work.