Månedsarkiv: juni 2015


Bucket list ftw!

Time is flying. Honestly. I remember the days when I could not wait to get older, and it seemed as though time was passing by so, so slowly. All I wanted at that time was to become so and so much older, so and so much wiser, so and so more experienced. And now that I am older, now that I am more wise and experienced all I really wish is that it was possible to just pause time for a little. See, I am terrified of getting old. I am terrified of not getting to do all of the things I used to dream about when I was younger. All the things I dreamt about making reality when I got older, wiser and more experienced.

So I have started a bucket list. That is a list, which contains things that I have to do before I die or get too old. The list is not that long, but I also think it is important, that it is not too long so that I don’t have time to do all the things on the list. I have listed the things below, and I am already trying to make the first “dream” come true:

  • Go to Greenland.
  • Learn how to sail and go sailing around the Caribbean.
  • Become a dive instructor
  • Get married
  • Have kids

I have already started to plan the first point “go to Greenland”, and have started researching Greenland tourism. I might as well get starting on my bucket list, since all of the points are both time consuming and a little expensive.

Do you have a bucket list?