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Bucket list ftw!

Time is flying. Honestly. I remember the days when I could not wait to get older, and it seemed as though time was passing by so, so slowly. All I wanted at that time was to become so and so much older, so and so much wiser, so and so more experienced. And now that I am older, now that I am more wise and experienced all I really wish is that it was possible to just pause time for a little. See, I am terrified of getting old. I am terrified of not getting to do all of the things I used to dream about when I was younger. All the things I dreamt about making reality when I got older, wiser and more experienced.

So I have started a bucket list. That is a list, which contains things that I have to do before I die or get too old. The list is not that long, but I also think it is important, that it is not too long so that I don’t have time to do all the things on the list. I have listed the things below, and I am already trying to make the first “dream” come true:

  • Go to Greenland.
  • Learn how to sail and go sailing around the Caribbean.
  • Become a dive instructor
  • Get married
  • Have kids

I have already started to plan the first point “go to Greenland”, and have started researching Greenland tourism. I might as well get starting on my bucket list, since all of the points are both time consuming and a little expensive.

Do you have a bucket list?




Plentiful and diverse

Qeqertarsuaq is a small, quiet and traditional but on the same time a very colorful town. The landscape is different from the rest of the Disko Bay area, because the Disco island is of volcanic origin, which makes this island very unique and like nothing you have ever seen. The landscape is characterized by Basalt Mountains, covered by glaciers, deep valleys and hot Springs, which make the basis for a rich flora. The most important industry in Qeqertarsuaq is fishing and hunting. Amongst others hunting for whales was once a fundamental source of income. The population is no more than 1100 and 70 lives in a small settlement Kangerluk, so you can probably imagine the close knit and local atmosphere that will greet you here.

As the only place in Greenland Qeqertarsuaq offer dogsledding in the summer on the Lungmarks glacier. If all of this has caught your attention, I think you should visit this website and read more about the Disco Island and Disco Bay area. Only your imagination sets limits to what you can do here and the amount of activities and sight are many. A lot of people are actually surprised with how much many and diverse activities and sights Greenland and especially this area has to offer.

grønlandsk dragt

You should try visiting Iceland

We Danes are in several areas conservative people. Although we in several consecutive years has been named the world’s happiest people, it is in my opinion not the same as loving to experiment in our lives. We go to almost the same schools, secondary and higher education as our parents. We listen to the same music as our friends. We cultivate the same sports as our friends. We go out the same place as our friends. We read the same books as our friends. We wear the same clothes as our friends. We like the same movies as our friends. And we go to the same destination as our friends. But I’ve decided that it must be over now. I have chosen one hundred percent to go my own way. Therefore, I have replaced the traditional trip with the boys with three of my friends to Berlin with a trip to Iceland instead. So I am now working on planning a grand journey on my own. First of all, I check the country on the Internet. And for this I simply use Google. It’s actually pretty simple. By using the following keywords I have found a great travel program for the beautiful country of Iceland: Iceland travels + experiences, Iceland travels + hotel and travel to Iceland + cultural experiences. So do it and stand out!